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Max Jacobs - Langley, British Columbia, Canada

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Job Title: Owner
My Business: MAXapps International
Industry: Retail, Home Based Biz, Affiliate Program, Advertising & Media, Work from Home, Marketing
Place Of Residence: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Max Jacobs Biography
Max Jacobs has recently retired and is actively cultivating his interests in online business and internet marketing. He is particularly passionate about helping others achieve success. He has more than 20 years as an HR professional in international mining, pulp and paper, and aboriginal administration. He has direct experience with employee development and training, recruiting, compensation, performance, talent and succession management, and organizational development. One of his major interests is capacity building as a growth strategy for economic sustainability and is currently applying that strategy to online entereprenurial pursuits. In addition he is also propmoting online small business opporortunities including SFI (Strong Future International), Plugin Profit Sites and MAXapps International.
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To learn more, visit: careersforliving.com qrcodes.maxappsinternational.com postified.com maximummobile.maxappsinternational.com
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September 30, 2012
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My Interests
Primary interests: Internet marketing, mobile marketing and online sales. Also an online entrepreneur with business interests in affiliate marketing.

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Full Name: Max Jacobs
Place Of Residence: Langley,British Columbia,Canada
Job Title: Owner
My Business: MAXapps International